Thomson Road Near to Shunfu Ville

Thomson Road is one of the major roads in Singapore that links the central business district to the suburban areas of the country. This road was named after a Scotsman by the name John Turnbull Thomson a chief engineer and a government surveyor who aided a lot in developing the roads across the Singapore’s interior. This popular road begins at the Keng Lee Road major junction and runs all the way to the Novena residential center. Thomson Road run through Toa Payoh and the western edge of Bishan before it runs down to the relatively undeveloped areas of southern Singapore. The road offers sites and connection to some of the most important amenities including Saint Joseph Institution, the ministry of youth among many others.

Thomson Road Near to Shunfu Ville

An important factor that has led to the popularity of Thomson road is the quiet and affordable alternatives it offers its visitors and neighborhoods. The road is well connected to major bus sights that ensures a smooth transport within the road. While on the road there are also very many interesting attraction sites that help in keeping a good track of visitors. Restaurants located along this road are also reliable since they stay open even at late nights. The hotels are also very clean, cheap therefore ensuring their visitors get a decent sleep away from the city bustle. Thomson Road runs through the centre of singapore and is just a short distance from Shunfu Ville as well as Marymount MRT Station. It is just a few minutes walk from Bishan and Ang Mo Kio as well.

Hotels located along the Thomson Road

One of the best things with the hotels found along this major road is the good value for visitors’ money. Despite their reduced cost, they offer comfortable and decent level services all at bargain prices. The area along the road is popularly dominated by high rated hotels all of them offering good deals to their clients. The hotels are also well and beautifully housed to ensure there is a serene, safe and friendly environment while at the hotels.

Jade Scape is the latest condominium project of Qingjian Realty who purchased the project at Shunfu Ville Enbloc from the original developers Housing & Urban Development Company, abbreviated as HUDC. The private project is located at Shunfu road and is close to the MRT station at Marymount. HUDC had a tender for selling the plot with a reserve price of Singapore $688 million, however after negotiations with other bidders failed, the plot was sold to Qinjian at a lower price of S$638 million. However the price at which the property was sold is one of the highest in Singapore, indicating that land in the area is in demand.

Important things to see along the road

Thomson road has also been too popular due to the many interesting local sights located along its vicinity. For instance, the traditional Burmese architecture is found along this road. The Sun Yat Nanyang Memorial Hall which houses the Chinese revolutionary that was established in the 1996 is also found along the road. Others include the Polo Club center among many others that exhibit the Chinese culture.

With the many attraction sites along the road, it serves as an ideal destination site for many travelers both solo and group on a reasonable budget. For those who are planning to visit Singapore soon, driving along the Thomson Road would be one of the best priority to take since there are very many things to find out.


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