Jadescape is one of the few developments near to Marymount MRT Station and is the former Shunfu Ville Enbloc that went under an enbloc. Jade Scape showflat will be available for buyers who are keen in the location of the development as it is near to Marymount MRT Station. Jade Scape Showflat location is located at Marymount MRT Station. There are many layouts available at the showflat for the buyer’s consideration.

Jade Scape Showflat Layouts available at Qingjian Realty Marymount MRT Station

The need to travel the long distance to reach schools can be eliminated as the schools are available in close proximity near to Jade Scape Showflat. This site is also near the junction connecting Shunfu road with the Marymount road. Jade Scape Condo  is just 200m away from the Marymount station, thus having a good metro connectivity along with excellent road connectivity as well. By 2020 the Thomson metro is said to come into operation, which will in-turn increase its value.

Jade Scape Condo Showflat and Prices

After the purchase of Shunfu Ville, the prices in the area have not changed much. However, the prices are expected to be much higher when the development is launched. Currently, the prices are depressed because of the slump in property prices since 2013. Qingjian Realty put in a high bid because there are few private properties that compete for buyers in Bishan.

Showflat Layouts for Viewing at Jade Scape Condo

There are numerous outlets and supermarkets located in the vicinity, making it very attractive place for living. The Thomson plaza is a place where you can get all the daily groceries and other necessities. Along the upper Thomson road, which is near to the Shunfu Ville, has a lot of restaurants and eateries for the future residents to satisfy their dining needs. There will also be a lot of small outlets in future, which will provide food at low cost yet tasty. During weekends the people of Shunfu Ville will be able to relax at the Island country club or the golf academy, which are nearby the Shunfu Ville. Thus, making it the best place to live in Singapore as it is sufficient in all aspects.