Jade Scape Condo offers buyers a near MRT Development in the city fringe location. Jade Scape condo offers buyers a homely feel at a fraction of the asking prices for many developments that are currently undergoing enbloc lately. Please also see the indicative prices by the developer soon. Comparatively, other enblocs will be selling at a higher psf.

Jade Scape Prices

Urban housing and development has recently become a very prominent business in different part of the world. Different real estates have risen especially in the 21st century with each developer coming up with new creative ideas and designs that fit the increasing demand of the population. The new ideas have effectively led to the thriving housing industry in different cities around the world. Moreover, the ease of access to mortgages have played an important role in the success of the housing industry. Shunfu Ville is a good example of a successful housing and development project.

Jade Scape Shunfu Ville Prices

The Shunfu Ville is an old development but very beautiful and a place where everyone admires to be. The development is located at 314 Shunfu Road, in Bishan Singapore. Its construction was completed early 1986. Despite being an old development, Shunfu Ville has all sorts of facilities as well as features that make it top rest developments in the country. The development contains numerous facilities and features that the new developments residents only dream of. Residents of Shunfu Ville can comfortably enjoy food reflexology path as well as relax in the development.

Jade Scape Shunfu Ville Indicative Prices

At Jadescape Condo , the developer put children’s affair in the place by developing children facilities such as playground where children freely play when left in the development without parents worry. It offers a complete and spacious car park facility thus keeping the residents away from parking troubles. Also in place is 24-hour security to ensure residents are protected from any external threats. Prices for the development are very competitive and will be ready for viewing soon. Please see the prices for the nearby development as well such as Boon View, Seasons View and Tresalveo.