Shunfu Ville HUDC Marymount MRT Station

Shunfu Ville is located in Singapore. It has been a place of fun and learning. If you spend some time here walking and talking to the people, you will get to know that this place has something special in it. The different sceneries in this place are really breath-taking, you can take pictures that are good for Instagram. Also, when you talk to the people here, you will discover that they are polite and generous people.

Shunfu Ville HUDC Development Enbloc

Last May 2016, Qinqjian Reality, a developer that is based in Singapore, a part of the Qinqjian Group Co., Ltd., has purchased the acquisition rights of the plot of the land of Shunfu Ville for $638 million. There have been no exact plans for the land, but Qingjian Reality has proved that it will create a condominium. So far, the details that were given that it would be a 99-year leasehold development. The estimated total units of the development would be a minimum of 1000 units. The development underwent a enbloc and is home to many of the developments located in the  area.

It is true that there has been a lot of objectors to the movement that Shunfu Ville will be sold. But apparently, they lost the appeal, which was decided by its dismissal from the Court of Appeals. More than 82 percent of the homeowners and landowners of Shunfu Ville has agreed to sell their property to the developer Qingjian Reality. All sold for the value of almost $638 million.

Shunfu Ville Residents at Marymount MRT Station

Homeowners then have the time limit of six months to move out. According to the sale, each homeowner would have an approximate average amount of $1.782 million to receive after the deal. This caused the outrage of some of the homeowners who declined the offer. Some of then already are starting to move out their appliances and place it all outside. The one what was a peaceful community became a bit of a rusty one. Shunfu Ville is a HUDC that has underwent enbloc recently.

Some are not happy with what has happened. There are residents around the Ville that were already there since they were kids. It is true that there are memories and moments that they treasure. They find it sad that one day they will not be seeing all of those things that make them remember those memories. As all of those places that they think of would be replaced by huge buildings and establishments.

Shunfu Ville Qingjian Realty

According to the details shown, it won’t be called as Shunfu Ville hudc enbloc anymore. Qingjian Reality has not proposed a name for it yet. But rest assured it will look like a very beautiful community with buildings, establishments, food chains and more.

If you are one who goes into real estate, this one is a good investment. You may not be seeing the actual Shunfu Ville anymore, but it is a new chapter where you can see and experience new memories. We do not need to be stuck in the past, but instead be able to be open to look at the future. Condominiums from Qingjian Reality are something that is not just good to be thrown away, so you might want to consider these.

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