Shunfu Ville Enbloc at Marymount MRT Station

Shunfu Ville is one of the most notable places in Singapore. The area was regarded to be the third largest en-bloc in the whole of the country containing six blocks numbered from 314-319. The area where the structure is seated is popularly known as Shunfu Road. It was situated at Marymount along the Bishan town, which is also referred to as the Bishan New Town. The town is a developed metropolis in the north central of the country. It is the 38th largest area and the 15th when rated per population in the country.

Shunfu Ville Enbloc at Marymount MRT Station

The Shunfu Ville estate looked beautiful and adorable until quit notices were served to the resident of the admirable haven. The estate was a bird, whose body of holds chirping memories of the residents. Most of the residents had their lives lived and created in this 6-block neighborhood with 358 units.

The edifice was built in the 1980s and it had a custom and tradition holding corridor parties on the sixth floor. Shunfu Ville was built and inaugurated in 1985. The Ville has fallen into the palm of various ownership since then, more recently since 2013. The Ville became privatized in 2013 and acquired later in May 2016 by the Quinjian Realty for $638 million. Considering the history in the mouth of Shunfu Ville and the rickety its body would have borne since it was built, a majority of the owners, up to 82{17dcc0a79f6a043e25c4d8ca39646ffd63551a66d15f3ca35e80fb440a99f636} of them agreed to sell out the property. That would mean each of the owners would have an estimated compensation better regarded as the sales price of $1.78 million.

Shungu Ville Enbloc Qingjian Realty

Shunfu Ville was brought more to the spotlight in 2016 when the issue about the sale of the properties was taken to the city’s High Court by the lesser percentage that did not like the idea of selling the place. The high court favored the majority. The popularity was even more, because the sale was brought to the largest market deal made by partners, one of the few ones in history.

The tenants were given a quit notice from the Ville, which was to last until 18th of January 2018. The news was that there would be a demolition of the ancient blocks and a new arising of a mix of residential bungalows, tendered lawn, and high-rise buildings that will climb above the earth up to 25 stories.

Shunfu Ville

In a recent time, the part of Bishan that knew the inception of Shunfu Ville at the Shunfu Road will witness a new development by Qingjian Realty who has a 99-year leasehold. The new development is speculated to over a thousand units on the 408,972-square foot plot.

The people around Marymount and others who have their eyes on the area look forward to having their minds configured to get what the cost of living would be like, once the new development becomes a meal ready to be served. Currently, the private properties are said to be given at a franchise of $1,400 psf. Most people, however, know that once the new development gets its feet planted in the soil, the cost and standard of living each day would rise by a certain percentage. The residents around the former Shunfu Ville hope that the new conditions won’t be harsh on their existence.

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