Bishan New Town Near to Shunfu and Ang Mo Kio

One of the residential towns found in the Nothern Part of Central Region of Singapore. The estate has an area of 7.62 kilometers squares under Toa Payoh Town Council. Denise Phua is the mayor who is in control of this town. Development of this Bishan New Town estate began back in the 80s where the estate has been ranked number 38. History and etymology run back 1870s where it started with a chines cemetery called Kwong Wai where previously it was built by a community of different clan with associations of Kwong Wai serving the burial interests of Cantonese and Hakka immigration. The Chinese have kept that promise up to current by maintaining the cemetery.

Bishan New Town Former Cemetery

The cemetery became the largest by 70s with around 75,000 spread in the 121-hectares area. This forced the community to stop accepting new burials in 73 because the land was to be taken over by the government which later developed to be Bishan of today. Kwong was left with 3.2 hectares where more than 70,000 homes were built in the 80s. This was achieved by most graves being exhumed in ’82 and ’84. Bishan house many new developments near to it including Shunfu as well as Marymount MRT Station. It is also located near to the city as well as to other convenient spaces at Shunfu. Bishan is also located near to Ang Mo Kio Town which is a mature area located near to Shunfu.

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Basically, it is planning involves four neighborhood towns; Shunfu, Bishan East, Bishan North, and also Bishan West. The town is known have 23,000 complex building complexes starting from three bedrooms. It is construction took place in three phases where the first one was the beginning of Shunfu which actually took part in in the 1983 and 1989. On this phase it began with simple structures with common spaces and the residents will interact freely.

New Flats Build at Bishan Town

Later on, the introduction of flats was brought in the past decades which involves different architectures. The features were unique which includes roofing which with a pitch, 25-storey with rounded balconies, and mixed high-rise and low-rise blocks. This town was the first one to introduce Housing and Development Board with open roof terraces. Currently, the town is considered as the prime residential since it really accommodating more population and the population is rising day in day out.

Amenities and Features at Bishan Town

What are the infrastructures and amenities that one can get in the town?

The town has a well-developed transport and communication system that ensure the transport within the estate is smooth. The town has first-class social amenities such as hospitals, shops, and recreational facilities.

One of the largest urban parks in Singapore is found in this estate which is a 62-hectare park and is known as Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park. The town is top when it comes to maintenance of clean waters and also general cleanness of the town.

The town is known to have a number of schools such as Whitley Secondary school which are among the competent schools that one will think of.

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