Activities to Do at Cairnhill Community Club

The Cairnhill Community Club meets every Wednesday evening from 7pm to 9pm at the Cairnhill Community Centre. The centre is located on Cairnhill Common, near Marlborough Street, Marlborough. For those living in the area, it can be a convenient place to meet and enjoy the atmosphere of the Cairnhill area. This is a meeting place for businesses, educational establishments, churches and other groups that share an interest in Cairnhill.

The club’s focus is to bring together residents in the community for fun, recreational and business purposes. If you live in Cairnhill, this is where you want to go for entertainment. There are events every week that you can enjoy. There is always something going on. The activities are designed to be non-competitive and family oriented. Everyone here wants to have a good time.

There are plenty of different activities to enjoy. During the week there are fishing tournaments, paintball tournaments, karting, horse riding, camping, picnic games and other live musical acts. Plus, during the summer season there are many exciting outdoor activities. Whether you enjoy kite boarding or fishing, you can enjoy these activities at the Cairnhill centre.

Children and adults of all ages can enjoy the free daily shows that take place at the Cairnhill Community Center. They are a favourite for children and they keep their attention because they are free. They are performed by local children’s entertainers.

The centre also features many events that are not for everyone. They include theatre productions, comedy performances and puppet shows. And of course, the Food Truck Festival takes place each Tuesday. This is a festival of food trucks. You can enjoy the large variety of foods while strolling around the Marlborough Sounds.

The Cairnhill Community Club hosted a musical event recently. Enjoy a day of free live music performed by up and coming local musicians. The band that was scheduled for the gig was supposed to be announced soon. But that announcement was cancelled just before it was to go on.

A local photographer, Mark Sewell was scheduled to do an exhibition on the Cairnhill Railway Trail. It was to be a grand opening of his photography studio. However, just before he was due to set up, he was informed that a large tree had fallen on top of his car while trying to install a lighting fixture on the trail. Fortunately he escaped with only minor injuries. Thankfully, no one else was hurt.

The Cairnhill Community Club, in partnership with The Marlborough Sounds Transport and Tourism Centre, has been hosting events in the area for some years now. Each year they have had some fabulous sponsors on our behalf. They have helped sponsor some wonderful events, including the Annual Cairnhill Wine Tasting, the Cairnhill Craft Beer Festival, and many other events. So keep your eyes open for events happening in Cairnhill next year.

The Marlborough Sounds is one of New Zealand’s premier places to canoe. Cairns and surrounds have some excellent paddle sports opportunities. kayaking, sailing, waterskiing and wakeskates are just a few possibilities. Or if you prefer something a little more peaceful, there are a number of beaches around Cairnhill. Or you may want to try the water skiing opportunity that’s also available at nearby Taiaroa.

There are a number of wonderful bed and breakfast Cairnhill hotels. These come equipped with modern facilities and normally have a range of activities on offer. Some charge extra for overnight guests, but many of them have plenty of extra room for overnight guests. You can get yourself housed and fed very easily and have a lovely relaxing morning before starting your day. If you prefer you can even stay at a hostel, which will save you money and of course provide you with your own private bathroom.

There are lots of local Marlborough Sounds activities. You can walk the length of Cairnhill Lake in a clockwise direction and see many interesting sights. You can pedal down the banks of the lake or take a horseback ride. If you fancy walking, you can find a route with both views and footpaths all along the length of the lake. As well as being able to walk, you can also take a trampoline or take a walk-on-treadmill. There are numerous lakeside playgrounds, including climbing frames, swings and mini golf.

Cairnhill has some beautiful scenery. There are Cairnhill Cathedral and Cairnhill Park, which are about half a mile from the centre of the town. They both have stunning views of the Marlborough Sounds. If you’ve never visited, you should take a drive. You won’t regret it.

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